Cum funcționează codul QR pentru barterele de tip Go-to-Location

How to Handle the QR Code for Go-to-Location Barters We all know that human interactions can be, to certain degrees, unforgettable. The more pleasant they are, the more impressed you are by the other person. The same goes for the contrary – if the interaction is chaotic right from the start, you won’t think kindly […]

Actualizări ale aplicației pentru influencerii locali

Influencer Marketing App Updates

App Updates for Local Influencers How to have a perfect profile and more chances of success? First of all, we want to thank you for being part of FameUp! We always listen carefully to all feedback we receive from you and the entire community and we’re working every day to help you increase your chances […]

3 sfaturi de la experți pentru influencerii de pe Instagram

3 Pro Tips for Instagram Influencers Everyone these days is talking about influencer marketing. Brands are collaborating with local influencers now more than ever. Being an Instagram influencer has become quite profitable and it’s no wonder everyone wants to be one. It has countless benefits, from VIP invitations to exclusive events, to free products, services, […]

Cum să faci bani pe Instagram în 2022?

How to Make Money on Instagram in 2022? With influencer marketing becoming more and more popular, brands are investing bigger budgets in influencer campaigns and everyone wants a piece of that pie. Since you’re reading this article, most probably so are you. Do you want to become a great local influencer, get free products and […]

Sfaturi și exemple pentru campanii de Crăciun prin influenceri locali

Christmas Influencer Campaigns Pro Tips and Examples If you are a small business owner, a marketer working for a large corporation or agency, or even a freelancer who wants to share their passion, news, and offers with their audience, influencer marketing is a must when it comes to increasing your brand awareness and gaining new […]

Influencer Marketing - ingredientul secret al campaniilor de Crăciun

Why is Influencer Marketing the Spice of Christmas Campaigns? ‘Tis the season! The busiest yet most profitable time of the year is here. Brands of all sizes are investing in strategies that provide better ROI for their Christmas campaigns. Most probably, so are you. You know that the biggest advertising challenge during this extremely busy […]

Tips & tricks on writing an effective brief for local influencers

Tips & tricks on writing an effective brief for local influencers Creating a brief is the base of any successful influencer marketing campaign. Why? Because a brief helps brands to set and manage expectations in the relationship with influencers. An influencer marketing brief clearly outlines the objectives, expectations, guidelines and deliverables of a campaign to […]

Cum să: îți promovezi brandul GRATUIT cu FameUp

How-to: promote your brand for FREE with FameUp Using FameUp, it’s easy to promote your brand in Social Media with no costs, by offering free products or services to local influencers. In this way, you can let your product or service to “talk” for itself in terms of quality, accessibility, experience etc. And the best […]