Tips & tricks on writing an effective brief for local influencers

Tips & tricks on writing an effective brief for local influencers Creating a brief is the base of any successful influencer marketing campaign. Why? Because a brief helps brands to set and manage expectations in the relationship with influencers. An influencer marketing brief clearly outlines the objectives, expectations, guidelines and deliverables of a campaign to […]

Cum să: îți promovezi brandul GRATUIT cu FameUp

How-to: promote your brand for FREE with FameUp Using FameUp, it’s easy to promote your brand in Social Media with no costs, by offering free products or services to local influencers. In this way, you can let your product or service to “talk” for itself in terms of quality, accessibility, experience etc. And the best […]

Folosirea unei noi funcționalități în Instagram: stickerul cu LINK

Using the new Instagram feature: the LINK sticker Maybe you’ve already found out … but we really wanted to let you know about a very useful news from Instagram. Recently, a feature was launched that allows all Instagram users to insert a LINK sticker in stories, regardless of the number of followers. Previously, the ability […]

Cum să: creezi o campanie plătită în FameUp

How-to: create a paid campaign with FameUp With FameUp you can create a campaign with thousands of local influencers in less than 5 minutes and the cost of a story starts from less than 1 EUR. How easy is it to create a paid in-app campaign? See the steps below: 1. When creating a paid […]

Micro-influencerii sunt VIITORUL brandului tău. De MÂINE.

Micro Influencers are the FUTURE of your brand. Starting today. Lately, the online has been overflowing with millions of users with a strong desire for over-sharing. We’re talking about those ordinary social media users – who post pictures and stories like the rest of us. They most probably have less than 5,000 followers and almost […]

Trăiește viața GRATUIT cu minim 500 followeri pe Instagram

Live life for FREE with at least 500 followers on Instagram Every morning you check your phone and go online. Every night before bed, you check some more. You put your heart on your wall. But more often than that, your breakfast. And when you feel like it, you confess the location. You spend a […]

Dragă influencer, primul pas NU e întotdeauna cel mai greu

Dear influencer, the first step is NOT always the hardest Something becomes your passion when you don’t realize the hours as they go by. When you do something with pleasure and implication, time doesn’t matter anymore, because you’re so focused, that you can’t see what’s happening around you. The same happens when you’re online. You […]

TIPS & TRICKS în colaborările cu micro-influenceri

TIPS & TRICKS when working with micro-influencers The first step to reach your target by working with local influencers (whom you certainly hear about more often) is to understand the trend. So let’s start at the beginning! Who are these influencers and why are they so important for your business? Influencer marketing is an updated, […]