Consejos y trucos para redactar un resumen eficaz para influencers locales

Tips & tricks on writing an effective brief for local influencers Creating a brief is the base of any successful influencer marketing campaign. Why? Because a brief helps brands to set and manage expectations in the relationship with influencers. An influencer marketing brief clearly outlines the objectives, expectations, guidelines and deliverables of a campaign to […]

Para el Black Friday, haz que tu marca se destaque con el marketing de influencers

For Black Friday, make your brand stand out with influencer marketing Have you prepared your Black Friday campaign? If so, use FameUp to amplify your instant message through local influencers. If not, know that it’s not too late! Why? Because setting up a paid campaign in FameUp takes less than 5 minutes. See below how […]

Cómo: promocionar tu marca GRATIS con FameUp

How-to: promote your brand for FREE with FameUp Using FameUp, it’s easy to promote your brand in Social Media with no costs, by offering free products or services to local influencers. In this way, you can let your product or service to “talk” for itself in terms of quality, accessibility, experience etc. And the best […]

Uso de la nueva funcionalidad de Instagram: el sticker de ENLACE

Using the new Instagram feature: the LINK sticker Maybe you’ve already found out … but we really wanted to let you know about a very useful news from Instagram. Recently, a feature was launched that allows all Instagram users to insert a LINK sticker in stories, regardless of the number of followers. Previously, the ability […]

Cómo: crear una campaña pagada con FameUp

How-to: create a paid campaign with FameUp With FameUp you can create a campaign with thousands of local influencers in less than 5 minutes and the cost of a story starts from less than 1 EUR. How easy is it to create a paid in-app campaign? See the steps below: 1. When creating a paid […]

Los Micro Influencers son el FUTURO de tu marca. Empezando hoy.

Micro Influencers are the FUTURE of your brand. Starting today. Lately, the online has been overflowing with millions of users with a strong desire for over-sharing. We’re talking about those ordinary social media users – who post pictures and stories like the rest of us. They most probably have less than 5,000 followers and almost […]

CONSEJOS Y TRUCOS al trabajar con microinfluencers

TIPS & TRICKS when working with micro-influencers The first step to reach your target by working with local influencers (whom you certainly hear about more often) is to understand the trend. So let’s start at the beginning! Who are these influencers and why are they so important for your business? Influencer marketing is an updated, […]

Un nuevo paso en la relación entre marcas e influencers

A new step in the relationship between brands & influencers We know very well that you’ve requested this functionality. We also know that it was absolutely necessary in order to allow both brands and influencers to take a step forward in the development of their online presence. We listen carefully every request from you and […]