Actualizaciones de la app: Niveles de Participación del Usuario y Beneficios

App Updates – User Engagement Levels & Benefits While we’ll always work on growing our arsenal of features and giving you more control over your material and financial benefits, this spring we decided to set an extra goal for ourselves: we want to make sure you’re really WOWed and motivated by the features and app […]

Actualizaciones de la App para Influencers Locales

Influencer Marketing App Updates

App Updates for Local Influencers How to have a perfect profile and more chances of success? First of all, we want to thank you for being part of FameUp! We always listen carefully to all feedback we receive from you and the entire community and we’re working every day to help you increase your chances […]

5 ejemplos inspiradores de acuerdos exitosos de trueque en marketing de influencers

Influencer Marketing Barter Examples

5 Inspiring Examples of Successful Influencer Marketing Barter Deals If you’re a medium or small business owner you’re probably wondering how to get your brand noticed by the right people without investing the budget of a large corporation. Well, even if you don’t have a big-fat budget the bright side is that you don’t need […]

Awesome Examples of Influencer Marketing Paid Campaigns


Awesome Examples of Influencer Marketing Paid Campaigns Influencer Marketing has been around for a while, becoming increasingly vital for brands all around the world, from large corporations, to medium and small family-owned businesses who can’t afford traditional advertising fees. Having a massive impact on the economy, it’s considered the next big thing – an authentic […]

El Poder del Amor y de los Influencers Locales

Valentine's Day Influencer Marketing

The Power of Love and of Local Influencers The first month of the year has shown us that influencer marketing has been gaining considerable popularity among local brands. However, if you’re one of the few who are still hesitant to take plunge into this new world of advertising, Valentine’s Day presents an excellent opportunity to […]

5 Razones para Incluir Influencers de TikTok en tu Estrategia de Marketing

TikTok Is Here! 5 Reasons to Include TikTok Influencers In Your Marketing Yes, you got it right! Good news travel fast – TikTok collaborations are now available in FameUp! One of the most downloaded apps in the world, there’s no denying TikTok is currently the king of social media, establishing itself as the perfect platform […]

Las 5 principales tendencias de marketing de influencers a seguir en 2022

Top 5 Influencer Marketing Trends to Watch in 2022 Last year proved that influencer marketing is here to stay, establishing itself as an integral part of the digital strategy for many brands. Every beginning brings about various changes and so will 2022, with new trends, new types of content, and new ways brands can reach […]

FameUp in Numbers – 2021

FameUp in Numbers – 2021 In 2021, influencer marketing proved itself once more to be way more efficient and sophisticated than online advertising. You’re getting your message out to your favourite local influencers and they are creating original content that their followers relate to, interact with, and even share, thus spreading your message even further […]

9 Awesome Offers Available in FameUp

9 Awesome Offers Available in FameUp As we’re wrapping 2021 up, we want to share the good news about influencer marketing with you. This year, influencer marketing has multiplied it’s impact by 8 times, considering that it has become an industry worth $13.8 billion globally, compared to only $1.7 billion in 2016. Romanian brands alone […]

3 consejos profesionales para influencers de Instagram

3 Pro Tips for Instagram Influencers Everyone these days is talking about influencer marketing. Brands are collaborating with local influencers now more than ever. Being an Instagram influencer has become quite profitable and it’s no wonder everyone wants to be one. It has countless benefits, from VIP invitations to exclusive events, to free products, services, […]