For Black Friday, make your brand stand out with influencer marketing

Have you prepared your Black Friday campaign? If so, use FameUp to amplify your instant message through local influencers. If not, know that it's not too late! Why? Because setting up a paid campaign in FameUp takes less than 5 minutes.

See below how you can use local influencers to promote your Black Friday campaign. 👇

Black Friday has become a real phenomenon globally, breaking new sales records every year. In many cases, it is no longer a one-day campaign, but a campaign for longer periods (even a month).

And… as most brands (whether local, national or international) are trying to take advantage of the opportunity offered by this period, there can be a lot of “noise” in the online communication. (including social media networks).

One way to differentiate yourself in comms is to use local influencers, their messages being usually perceived in a more positive way than “classic” paid campaigns (like Facebook and Instagram Ads, Google Adwords etc.).

How can you promote your business using local influencers in FameUp?

1. Provide discount codes to local influencers to promote to their own audiences. Specify if there are any conditions for the codes to be used. (only for specific products?, a minimum order? etc.)

2. Request the insertion of a link sticker in the stories created by the local influencers to generate more web traffic. Use tracking links to follow the journey of your website’s visitors.

3. Place key awareness messages that local influencers can pass on. Correlate these messages to your brand values.

4. If you have a physical location (store, showroom etc.), you can ask local influencers to visit you and create content directly on the spot.

Check this article to find out how you can create a paid campaign with thousands of local influencers in a matter of minutes.

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