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Connect with your favourite local or national brands and get ready for the next challenge. Earning a high rating will allow you to develop your profile and access more free offers and paid campaigns.

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Frequently Asked Questions

FameUp can connect you with thousands of local or national brands, that are willing to offer free products, services or even money in exchange of promotion on Instagram. Additionally, you don’t have to worry about legal contracts or taxes and legal fees.

In our app you’ll find both local and national brands that are prior checked by the FameUp Support team.

Using FameUp, you can access both free offers, when you receive different products or services in exchange of promotion on your Instagram acccount, and paid collaborations, based on your rating and quality of your content.

After installing the app on your smartphone, open it and during the registration process, select the option “influencer account”.

To have your FameUp account approved:

– you must connect at least 1 social platform (Instagram and/or TikTok) to your FameUp account.

– and fulfill the approval conditions for at least 1 connected social platform.

All 6 conditions below have to be fulfilled so that your social account (Instagram and/or TikTok) can be approved in FameUp:

  • Your social account needs to be public.
  • You have over 500 real followers.
  • The engagement rate of your posts is over 5% (ex. For 1000 followers, you have minimum 50 likes, comments or shares on each of your post)
  • You have at least 6 public posts on your social profile in the last 6 months.
  • The likes for all your posts are unhidden (applies to Instagram).
  • The following types of content are prohibited: content that harasses, intimidates or incites hatred; content that includes obscene, vulgar or offensive language or gestures; content that promotes or encourages violence; sexual content or explicit nudity.

A good rating will help you to get more collaboration proposals, whether through free offers or paid campaigns. Brands are always looking for the best local influencers that are able to promote them in the online environment.

In FameUp, there are 2 possibilities to win money: using individual paid collaborations or paid campaigns. The brand decides what local influencer they work with, using money or free products/ services. REMEMBER to set your prices for posts and stories.

In the main screen of the app, you’ll see 2 types of offers: local and national. Check all the available offers and access the ones that suit you best. Attention: the offers are limited and sometimes the brands can decide if they want to work with you or not. Don’t be discouraged! Access as many offers as possible and be patient in order to build yourself a good rating.

Read carefully the instructions received from the brand. It’s important to fully understand the specifications and objectives of the brand, in order to create the best posts and stories. If you need more details, contact the brand using the internal messaging section of FameUp. On the profile of each brand, you have available a “send message” button.

Based on the types of the offers, there can be the following situations:

  1. You can have 3 active offers in the same time for the ones that are sent by courier or require a reservation.
  2. Or you can have active 1 ”go-to-location” offer and 2 sent by courier or require a reservation.

Attention: we recommend that you limit the number of your active offers, so you can focus on delivering a high-quality content.

You should keep the post public on your feed for at least 7 days. Otherwise you risk getting a bad review or even being restricted in FameUp. 

Send your referral link to the brands that might be interested in being part of the FameUp community. The amount of 10€ for each brand will be allocated to your account after the brand completes 3 free offers or spends 20€ in FameUp.

Read more on our FAQ page.