How to Attract New Customers This Summer

If you want to promote your business in an authentic results oriented manned and attract new customers, we invite you to take a look at what other brands, just like yours, have done this month with the help of FameUp local influencers.

Cascara Coffee Roastery

This early summer, Cascara Coffee Roastery launched an invitation to FameUp local influencers and they immediately responded to the challenge of exploring he fascinating world of the best quality coffee, freshly roasted and brewed in style.

Below you can see just one example of the barter collaborations that Cascara Coffee Roastery had with local influencers from Bucharest, through FameUp. No promotional budgets, just offering free products!

Do you own a cafe or a restaurant? Come to FameUp and post a barter offer to promote your business!


Bun-Bun Sweet Shop has already collaborated with several local influencers from Suceava, to whom they gifted a box exquisite sweets which was to everyonețs delight.

In exchange, Bun-Bun asked the local influencers to share with their Instagram audience the most sincere feedback regarding the presentation, taste and flavors of the gifted goodies. Thus, not only did they reach the feed of potential customers, but they also benefited from authentic content for their own Instagram profile!

Are you the sweetest confectioner in your city? Join FameUp and promote yourself through barter offers!

THE LASH STUDIO by Andreea Marțagan

The talented make-up artist from Constanța has so far had several successful collaborations with local influencers from FameUp and made their day more beautiful.

To show their gratitude and carry out their end of the deal, the local influencers told all their Instagram friends about the salon experience and recommended Andrea’s services.

Is beauty your life’s passion? We invite you to FameUp, where thousands of local influencers can’t wait to promote your business!

Downtown Ploiești

Downtown Ploiești collaborated with over 25 local influencers through FameUp, who not only liked their products, but also recommended them to their own Instagram audiences.

The brand’s requirements were clear and concise: original and autherinc posts that show the brand’s products, their staff and the received goodie. The local influencers were also asked to include the link to the  online orders website, along with a tag to the brand’s Instagram profile.

What’s better than honest advertising? Join FameUp and promote yourself authentically!

The online perfume store has had several barter collaborations with local influencers from all over the country, to whom it offered free products. In exchange, the FameUppers recommended the products available on the website and offered sincere and authentic reviews.

The brand also benefited from images and videos, which they now use on their own communication channels. No expensive photo sessions, no hassles!

Do you have an online store? Come to FameUp, where thousands of local influencers can’t wait to test and recommend your products!

Online Shop Influencer Marketing

Congruent Optică Medicală

The medical opticians from Congruent have successfully collaborated with over 50 local influencers from Iași, to whom they have offered free consultations or prescription anti-reflection lenses.

The brand’s instructions were short and to the point: posting a story and feed photo with the glasses received. The post and story also had to include a tag to the brand’s Instagram page.

We hope that the above examples will help you and that you will confidently use the services of FameUp local influencers. If you have any questions, we are here and we are happy to help you promote yourself effectively on Social Media.

Thank you for reading this all the way to the end! We want to remind you that in case you have not consumed your free credit, now would be the ideal time to launch a paid campaign in FameUp through which to promote your offers for the summer.🚀

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