App Updates - User Engagement Levels & Benefits

While we’ll always work on growing our arsenal of features and giving you more control over your material and financial benefits, this spring we decided to set an extra goal for ourselves: we want to make sure you’re really WOWed and motivated by the features and app updates we’re delivering.

More than Getting It Done: Trust, Transparency, Ownership, Reliability

You’re most probably familiar with our feedback and star rating system. This season, we’re not just focusing on the number of stars featured on your local influencer profile. We’re interested in the details behind the stars. We’re interested in building trust, transparency, ownership and reliability.

We’re taking this super seriously and have established an internal system to make sure everyone’s efforts are properly rewarded. We wish to empower both local influencers and brands to reach their full potential. To honour this mission, we’re excited to announce that we’ve been working on a brand new system that will allow you to organically grow your local influencer profile and get increasingly more benefits, based on both the quality and the quantity of your collaborations.

Ok… but what’s in it for me, as a local influencer?

You might be new to influencer marketing, or you might already be familiar with what’s going on here. Nevertheless, here’s what you need to know: we’ve implemented local influencers engagement levels, each of them having certain benefits and requirements. Continue reading to learn more about this update.

User Engagement Levels & Benefits

How to make the most of this feature as a local influencer or a business?

Naturally, the highest your level, the better your chances to grab the coolest barters and be selected for paid collabs. It’s all about bringing out the best in everyone involved, either local influencers, or businesses! It’s all about making you think, or even say: “WOW.”

So in our commitment to making that a reality, we’re hoping you will make the best out of this new feature. And above all, we hope you’ll share your honest feedback. That way, we can act on it. Then we can deliver those WOWs we keep going on about.

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