Awesome Examples of Influencer Marketing Paid Campaigns

Influencer Marketing has been around for a while, becoming increasingly vital for brands all around the world, from large corporations, to medium and small family-owned businesses who can’t afford traditional advertising fees. Having a massive impact on the economy, it’s considered the next big thing – an authentic and impactful way for brands to connect with their target audience through people who are influential online.

Do you want to know how to make sure your influencer marketing campaign is a success? This is your lucky day! We’d never suggest copying some other brand’s influencer marketing campaign. However, just take a look at what others are doing, how simple and natural it is for them, and see if it could work for you too!


5 Examples of Influencer Marketing paid campaigns done right:

1. Lays Romania

Lays Romania worked with local influencers for their mission to spread millions of smiles by releasing specially designed bags featuring infectious smiles in support of a life-changing cause. For every purchase of the Lay’s specially designed bags, a donation was made to a Romanian NGO: Teach For Romania, I’Velo by Green Revolution, Asociația Adi Hădean or Let’s Do It, Romania!

The campaign aimed to get people talking about Lays, using the @lays_romania sticker link and the Instagram hashtag #daruiestezambete. The brand set specific quantitative and qualitative requirements in their influencer selection. These included: minimum 1000 followers, minimum 5% engagement levels, proven past performance, meeting authenticity requirements.

Ultimately, they selected and worked with over 2k local influencers for the campaign – each one creating at least one authentic Instagram story. The local influencers generated >4000 pieces of unique branded content, having an organic impact of almost 1 million and reaching a great community engagement of approx. 14%.

Lays Romania Influencer Marketing

2. Muller Romania

Muller Romania recently launched their vegan product range and needed to raise awareness among millennials and Gen Z. To complete their marketing objectives, the brand integrated influencer marketing in the general strategy and the results were stellar.

The local influencers were enthusiastic about the new products and Muller’s collaboration proposal. The brand selected over 1200 local influencers from all over Romania to support their marketing efforts, each of them having to create a set of Instagram stories presenting the yummy vegan products. More than 2000 authentic Instagram stories were created, with an organic impact of over 300k.

3. Iulius Group

Iulius Group ran their influencer marketing campaigns with the main objective to increase traffic in their physical locations in Iasi, Cluj-Napoca and Suceava and generate authentic content about the holiday spirit in the shopping centers and the discounts offered by the selected shops.

The requirements were rather simple: minimum 3000 followers, minimum 5% engagement levels, proven past performance. All the influencers had to do was generate at least 1 story and tag the Instagram profiles of the Iulius Group shopping centers. They worked with 160 local content creators who generated more than 200 pieces of unique branded content, having an organic impact of 60k.

4. Neversea

Neversea Festival chose influencer marketing for their first lineup announcement of this year’s edition. They created a very simple brief, asking the influencers to create an Instagram story using the @neverseafestival filter and to tag the festival Insta profile, as well as a friend who they’d like to share the festival experience with.

Needless to say, many were the influencers who wanted to be part of the festival hype. Ultimately, the brand selected over 1100 Instagram users who, in total, had a potential community dimension of 500k and an organic impact of over 11%.

Neversea Influencer Marketing

5. MOL Romania

When taking a road trip, all details make a great difference, including the coffee for the road. To promote their Fresh Corner, Mol Romania collaborated with 105 local influencers. They started by setting up the budget and creating the brief that asked for two Instagram photo or video stories with a Fresh Corner product of choice, with the #MOL, #FreshCorner, #EVOPlus hashtags and the @mol_romania profile tag.

The brand chose 236 local influencers to assist them in their marketing efforts. The content creators with a potential community dimension of approx. 800k posted more than 450 pieces of unique branded content that organically impacted over 70k Instagram users.

MOL Romania Influencer Marketing

Now that you know how to use local influencers to promote your business with minimum investment compared to other online channels, don’t hesitate to let your content creators shine. With FameUp, you can easily and quickly find the right influencers, reach out to them at scale, manage your campaign or offer and see their performance, all-in-one.

If you’re a small business owner who lacks the big fat budget of large corporations, no need to worry. You don’t need to pay any money to get your brand promoted by local influencers. Your products or services are just what the local influencers are waiting for – they want to meet you, try out your products and enjoy your hospitality. Discover here how other small businesses made it.

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