Top 5 Influencer Marketing Trends to Watch in 2022

Last year proved that influencer marketing is here to stay, establishing itself as an integral part of the digital strategy for many brands. Every beginning brings about various changes and so will 2022, with new trends, new types of content, and new ways brands can reach and engage with their potential customers.

With the ever-changing social media, it’s vital to leverage the hottest trends and be prepared to take advantage of them. Let’s take a look at the top 5 influencer marketing trends to keep an eye on in 2022 and how you can use them to your benefit.

1. Nano and micro influencers have the true power

The influencer universe is diverse, ranging from nano and micro influencers with only a few thousand followers to celebrity influencers with audiences of hundreds of thousands or even millions. The question that arises here is how do you know which ones are best for your business? While macro and mega influencers reach millions of people, the nano and micro categories have proved to have the highest engagement rate. Nano and micro influencers have got a closer look from businesses in 2021, we predict they will shine on in 2022, enjoying high interaction rates and supportive audiences. Even with fewer followers, they reach out to strong and deeply connected audiences who receive their product recommendations as coming from a close friend.

2. Authenticity over perfection

The last two years showed us that social media users – and influencers implicitly – are moving away from perfectly curated feeds and are choosing to share more real life, in-the-moment photos and videos.

How are brands affected by this shift? Partnering up with influencers that create authentic content that doesn’t look like ads is the best to go. Don’t worry about aesthetics, but rather focus on people that nurture real connections with their audience and offer valuable original content.

3. Experiences are the new currency

Businesses will continue to seek word-of-mouth and consumer attention in 2022 and beyond. The advertising landscape is getting noisier, more crowded and word-of-mouth has become vital to breaking through to your potential customers. In 2022, brands will focus even more on creating experiences at every stage of their interactions with customers, from product features to packaging and client service. The main goal here is to be memorable, to offer meaningful experiences that people can’t wait to talk about, to be that brand with a soul.

4. Brand ambassadorships over one time deals

In the last couple of years, we saw many businesses disappearing or being greatly affected by the pandemic, while others simply flourished during these difficult times, being supported by true brand lovers and ambassadors.

In 2022, brands and influencers will join forces for long-term collaborations, rather than one time deals. Truth is, we all know it takes time to make a sale and a one time post will not help a business much in terms of awareness or engagement. But more of them will. If you want to boost your sales and capitalize on this influencer marketing trend, we recommend looking for collaborations that would include several posts and stories over a period of time.

5. Video is king

With TikTok steadily riding the popularity wave and Instagram Reels being hotter than ever, video content will wear the king of content crown in 2022. To use this trend to your benefit, focus on your market, find the right influencers, and let them help with great user generated video content presenting your products or services just like a true friend would.

Influencer marketing trends are ever-changing. While nobody can be 100% sure what things will look like in a few years’ time, we can confidently say that brands who start pulling the ropes of influencer marketing now, will be happier later. Use these trends to guide your strategy for 2022 and keep an eye on us so you can keep discovering and leveraging all the news about influencer marketing. 

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