How to Make Money on Instagram in 2022?

With influencer marketing becoming more and more popular, brands are investing bigger budgets in influencer campaigns and everyone wants a piece of that pie. Since you’re reading this article, most probably so are you.

Do you want to become a great local influencer, get free products and services, or even live off your social media accounts? Lucky for you, here at FameUp, we have lots of tips to help you. Read on to see them all.

5 Tips for becoming a successful local influencer

#1: Post consistently

No doubt, you need to be active in order to attract followers and boost engagement. But how active? Well, here’s the thing: 1-2 posts a day will keep your feed fresh and relevant and attract eyeballs to your content. Better to share one breathtaking photo instead of 10 unexceptional ones. 

Instagram stories drive a ton of engagement and bring lots of value. And just like for posts, consistency is the rule of thumb for stories as well. Do your best to share your story daily and include 3-4 frames in 24 hours. Sharing your story daily is much better than random stories, every now and then. And keep in mind, just because you can post 100 stories a day, doesn’t mean you should do it.

#2: Post when the time is right

Do you know when your followers are active? When are they most likely to see your post or story AND react to it? Gut feeling often works, but numbers beat feelings always.
Finding out what is your optimal posting time is easy-breezy if you’re using an Instagram Creator profile. Just check the insights and find out when your followers are most active by day of the week and time of the day. If you don’t have an Instagram Creator profile, read below and learn how to convert your personal profile into a creator account.

#3: Use relevant hashtags

Using the right hashtags for your posts makes all the difference; hashtags can help it show as a top post, instead of disappearing to the bottom of the feed. Not to mention that they also help you reach outside your pool of followers. Hashtags that are too generic, like #christmas #influencer or #fashion will have your post competing with millions of others. Instead, try using trending or industry-specific hashtags like #christmasmood, #influencerlifestyle or #influencerfashion to connect with your followers and not only.

#christmasmood, #christmasloading

#influencerfashion, #fashioninfluencers, #modelinfluencer

#influencerlifestyle, #positiveinfluencer, #influencerdiaries




#4: Engage your audience through Instagram story sticker links

Being a great local influencer means being highly empathetic, understanding what your audience likes and what the brands that you are promoting want to obtain. It’s not only about the size of your audience. It’s also about the way you interact with them and get them to engage with your content. Each time any of your followers interacts with a sticker, it counts as engagement. So why miss out on great metrics for your stories? Read more about sticker links here.

#5: Go creative

You’re beautiful, funny, creative, popular! So should your posts and stories be in 2022. Just like you, your followers want to be seen and heard, they want to react, comment, and share good content with their friends. Take great photos, create engaging stories, videos, go wild! You can even use the text in the brief and create memes to drive more engagement with your content.

Trust us on this, going the extra mile always pays off. Get those creative juices flowing and don’t just stick to a simple text. And even if we’re talking about a plain text, make sure it’s easy to read and understand at a single glance.

Now that we went over the tips that will help you on your way to becoming famous on Instagram, we need to tell you about the nitty-gritty activity reports. But since that’s a topic for another discussion, we put together another short article on how to build and maintain a mutually benefiting relationship with the brands. Read this article to learn more.

Becoming a successful local influencer is not easy. Especially since you’re not the only one doing it. Keep these tips in mind, and you’ll be on your way to greatness. Now gow out there and work your magic, show yourself to the world! And when you’re ready for some great collaborations with your favourite brands, we’re waiting for you right here

Have fun!

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