Tips & tricks on writing an effective brief for local influencers

Creating a brief is the base of any successful influencer marketing campaign. Why? Because a brief helps brands to set and manage expectations in the relationship with influencers.

An influencer marketing brief clearly outlines the objectives, expectations, guidelines and deliverables of a campaign to any potential local influencers you’ll be working with.

First of all: take into consideration that most local influencers don't do this on a daily basis and they don't have extensive Social Media or Marketing expertise! Keep the conversation simple and straight-forward.

What's the purpose of writing an influencer marketing brief?

Writing a brief will help you:

  • Clarify your influencer marketing objectives, strategy and KPIs.
  • Streamline and improve your influencer marketing processes.
  • Pitch your brand to the local influencers (as they can become your clients).
  • Capture the attention of the right local influencers and nurture better relationships.
  • Have a sense of control that the influencer generated content will be aligned with your brand.

Ultimately, developing an effective influencer marketing brief will help you achieve better long term results.

How to write an effective brief for local influencers?

In the Instructions section, we recommend to include the following:

  • 1-2 introductive phrases about the company/ product/ service or campaign.
  • Specific information/ messages that the local influencers should include in their posts.
  • A description of the exact deliverables that you’re expecting.
  • Links to best-practices, examples or more info.
  • Also, at the end of the brief add do’s & dont’s (if it’s the case). 

How it works in FameUp

In the image above you can notice the brief sections for the paid campaigns and free offers (barter deals) in FameUp. And let’s take them one by one:

The brief for paid campaigns

First, it’s mandatory to include your Social Media page, so that the local influencers can tag it in their posts/ stories.

Also, you’re able to upload your own images or videos (as many as you want) for the local influencers to use them. It’s especially useful when you want full control over what the local influencers are posting.

The brief for free offers/ barter deals

As in the case of a paid campaign, it’s mandatory to include your Social Media page. 

Additionally, you can opt for the local influencers to capture the atmosphere of your location or the product itself. However, even if you choose these options, it is still necessary to include specific instructions below!

After completing the Instructions section, click the Continue button and you’ll be able to choose for the local influencers to accept your free product or service immediately.

If not, they will apply to your offer and you will need to accept/ reject them, based on their rating, feedback or portfolio.

Valid for both types of brief

ALWAYS include specific instructions (text + links) for the local influencers. Keep in mind these 2 scenarios:

  1. if you’re too vague about what you want, local influencers won’t know what to do.
  2. if you’re too detailed about what they need to do, they might not read it thoroughly.


Tips&tricks: a brief containing 50 up to 150 words is recommended. Split your brief into paragraphs in order to be easily readable.

Examples of briefs for local influencers

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