Using the new Instagram feature:
the LINK sticker

Maybe you’ve already found out … but we really wanted to let you know about a very useful news from Instagram. Recently, a feature was launched that allows all Instagram users to insert a LINK sticker in stories, regardless of the number of followers.

Previously, the ability of inserting a link in a story was only available for users with over 10k followers, using the “Swipe Up” functionality.

How does it help you promote your brand?

First of all, by inserting a link in a story you have the possibility to generate traffic to your website (obviously), without being limited to collaborations with influencers who have over 10,000 followers on Instagram.

And here are a number of advantages:

1. If you use tracking links, you can track the traffic to your website through platforms such as Google Analytics or Mixpanel. 📊

2. The sticker can be placed anywhere in the story, without interfering with the design of the story. It will certainly not be necessary to enter the text: Swipe up 😊

3. It also allows the interaction with those who view that story, through replies and reactions, which can lead to better engagement. ✔️

4. In FameUp, you can find thousands of local influencers with prices below 2 EURO per story. You will now have the opportunity to ask them to enter a direct link to your website. 🏆


In conclusion, your Instagram campaigns will no longer have to be limited to awareness goals. With paid campaign functionality in FameUp, you can increase your website traffic quickly and easily. You only need to specify in your brief the link that local influencers should introduce in their story.

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