How-to: create a paid campaign with FameUp

With FameUp you can create a campaign with thousands of local influencers in less than 5 minutes and the cost of a story starts from less than 1 EUR.

How easy is it to create a paid in-app campaign? See the steps below:

1. When creating a paid campaign, first choose the type of post you want.

Tips & Tricks:
In general, local influencers accept the task of creating stories more easily. Also, stories tend to be more cost-effective.

2. Fill in the campaign instructions to local influencers.

Tips & Tricks:
The brief should be short and to the point. Mention whether there are certain needs or mandatory elements to use.

Remember: a successful campaign is easy to understand and local influencers are excited to promote it.

3. Choose the target of local influencers you want to collaborate with.

Tips & Tricks:
Take into account the specifics of your campaign when defining the target of local influencers.

Also use the quality filters, through which you can choose to work with local influencers who have a certain rating or a number of completed collaborations.

4. Finally, define your campaign budget by choosing the number of local influencers and the desired posts / stories.

The final number of local influencers participating in your campaign may be lower. Therefore, your consumed budget may also be lower.

Next, the invitations are sent to the local influencers who will apply to your paid campaign. And at the end of the campaign, we encourage you to offer a rating & review for each influencer that completed the collaboration. In this way, we can grow together a strong and reliable community of local influencers.

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