About Cafeneaua Piața Unirii

If you want to have fun in Iasi, this is the place to go. You’ll find great people, best music, delicious food and fine drinks. During the day, you can enjoy the terrace, which is located in the Piata Unirii Square, a unique historical site in Iasi. In the evening, you can have dinner while listening to great chill-out music.


At the beginning of the pandemic, the number of customers dropped to zero because of the lockdown restrictions. After the partial lift of the restrictions, their main goal was to promote the venue and attract as many new clients in a safe environment, while keeping a positive atmosphere where people feel comfortable.

Campaign - free offers

The approach was to offer free cocktails or coffees to local influencers that promoted the atmosphere of the venue and the variety of the menu. With the help of FameUp, they gave over 500 free offers to more than 200 local influencers from Iasi. This way, they gained more exposure on Social Media and became one of the most visited restaurants in the city, with NO OTHER ADDITIONAL COSTS, but the costs of the products offered.


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