Micro Influencers are the FUTURE of your brand. Starting today.

Lately, the online has been overflowing with millions of users with a strong desire for over-sharing. We’re talking about those ordinary social media users - who post pictures and stories like the rest of us. They most probably have less than 5,000 followers and almost certainly do not see themselves as influencers.

But when they posts, the attention is got. When they speak, the ears are pricked. Their audience is attentive, faithful and willing to follow their suggestions. Thus, their accounts hold the power to sell your products.

That's why you should shift your focus to micro-influencers as soon as possible. Especially now that the Corona time has fully prepared the ground for this.

You save money

These influencers already feel motivated to post whatever they do throughout the day or what they’re passionate about. So all the more they will really appreciate the offer of working together and are more flexible when negotiating. In fact, there will be no negotiations needed within the FameUp mechanism.

You get a better return on investment

Research recently launched by Altimeter Group concluded that only 32% of consumers follow macro-influencers, compared to 70% who say they are influenced online by family members, friends or acquaintances.

Micro-influencers have a smaller audience, allowing them to respond to more comments received and create deeper connections with their followers. Also, their recommendations are more authentic.

They attract 60% more attention than the mega-popular ones, and their followers feel appreciated, involved and part of the community.

It's a much easier process

Being ordinary people, without many whims, make them more approachable. There are fewer dramas, and posting on social networks is part of their lives - it's not a money-fueled activity.

More chances to speak the language of your brand

When working with larger influencers, it takes more time and energy to collaborate and fit your message around their audience. You lose some control.

Smaller influencers are more like ambassadors. They are happy to spread your message positively, without too many changes. They like your brand and want to shout about it to their friends, without restraint or arrogance.

You can reach a niche audience

These ambassadors often focus on more niche topics than on mainstream ones. They share things that reflect their personality and have followers with the same opinions. This allows you to work with people who have a real passion for a subject that fits perfectly with your brand.

You can work with several at the same time

Because they are more affordable in terms of cost, you can work with several influencers at the same time. This invariably increases coverage and allows your brand to reach many more audience segments with a single bid roll.

You save time

Without several meetings, briefings, proposals, or headaches, you can be promoted in an organic, raw, fixed style on the users' language, by several influencers at the same time. And everyone has their own audience, the one who listens to them.

You already have an application that connects you directly to influencers

It's called FameUP and it's a simple and cool direct connection mechanism between brands and local influencers. Everything is at your fingertips, verified and streamlined to speak to as many customers as possible on their language, through Instagram, without you saying a word.

Brands like Body Line, ESX, Cafeneaua Piața Unirii & HealthU have already joined the FameUP community and are no longer wasting their online time in vain.

Create a business account on FameUp within 5 minutes today and increase your brand and popularity as quick as you can press a LIKE.

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Micro Influencers are the FUTURE of your brand. Starting today.
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