TIPS & TRICKS when working with micro-influencers

The first step to reach your target by working with local influencers (whom you certainly hear about more often) is to understand the trend. So let’s start at the beginning!

Who are these influencers and why are they so important for your business? Influencer marketing is an updated, virtual version of word of mouth communication, meaning it’s the most powerful communication tool of all.

These influencers are the trend setters of their generation and people follow them because of their lifestyle, the way they think, talki or how they look. They are seen as models and because of that, they have a strong impact on the followers’ consumption choices. With what they eat, where they are spending their holidays and to what clothes are wearing, local influencers can make a big difference in their online fans’ behaviour as consumers.

The success comes from the fact that their communitites follow every message they post and unlike in the case of other media channels such as television, this audience reacts faster and even embrace the promoted ideas because they identify with the influencer.

Why are they successful? Because of the personal branding which means the influencer exposes him or herself through the social media channels in an authentic way. This has an impact on the establishment of a certain intimacy between the influencer and the public that has access to his or her daily life. All these things make influencers credible when they recommend a brand.

Now that you know who are they, it will be easier for you to work with them.

Associate your business’ image only with relevant influencers

As we have already stated, the big advantage of influencer marketing is its authenticity. The public sees a lot of details from the influencer’s daily habits (as many as he wants to reveal), so it knows its preferences and tendencies. Because of this, a brand must choose to promote a product through a local influener with a compatible lifestyle and way of communication otherwise it will cost its credibility. For example, if your brand sells vegan products, the best choice for a collaboration would be to work with someone who has the same lifestyle and food choices, otherwise the campaign will not only perform poorly , but it will affect negatively your brand’s image. Furthermore, the influencer’s audience won’t match your target audience, so you’ll waste important resources on an irrelevant target market. The size of an audience isn’t always the most important factor. What matters more it’s if the audience is interested in your brand, products or services.

Quality, not quantity

Always look for local influencers with an engagement rate of minimum 5% because you want to have a reaction to your campaign. If the audience doesn’t react, it means that maybe the message doesn’t have an impact on them, therefore getting a feedback after your project would be almost impossible. Remember what we have already said: a huge audience is not the most important thing but it’s more relevant to have an active one and how they get involved in the online relation with the influencer. One of the main reasons why more and more brands choose to rather work with micro-influencers other than celebrities is because they have more active and involved communities.

Set your goal

Before setting the details of the campaign, set a goal like you do for every step you make in your communication strategy. It’s very important to know why are you doing an influencer marketing campaign, what is its purpose and to communicate all of these to your partner. This way he or she will know what content fits the best, what message to choose and what’s the most important point to focus on.

Be active!

Be an active brand in the community and connect with the public. Imagine that, for a limited period of time, the infleuncer’s public becomes yours, so it’s natural to show your openness and kindness. Don’t forget that Instagram is basically a social network, so communicate, interact and collect feedback abour your business in order to improve it.

Don’t limit creativity

Give the influencers the freedom to create the content they want. The key to succeed is to communicate in a clear way about the expectations and the goals you want to achieve. But take into account that the influencer is at a certain point because he’s a content creator and his messages and his way of communication have already reached a large audience. This means a lot of work, but also creativity and the ability to speak the same language as the public does, so give him credit and let him create!

The app that has them all

FameUp is the most simple way to make all these steps in a single app. All you have to do is download it and in a few minutes you can create a business account which will help you to find local influencers, relevant for your own business, to connect directly with them, to communicate your desires and finally to give them a review according to your collaboration. An important factor is that the influencers from the app are selected according to their engagement level with their community. Grow your brand through the number one trend of online marketing, by downloading the app and joining a great community!

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