Dear influencer, the first step is NOT always the hardest

Something becomes your passion when you don’t realize the hours as they go by. When you do something with pleasure and implication, time doesn’t matter anymore, because you’re so focused, that you can’t see what’s happening around you. The same happens when you’re online. You spend hours and hours to take the best photos, then you start editing, you write texts, post stories and look for perfection.

But maybe in a certain moment of your life you want something more... how would it be to get paid for all of these? The main problem is that you have no idea how to start and what would be the first step to achieve your goals. Because the the beginning may be the hardest, we are here to tell you that the starting point is right in your app store: it’s called FameUp and it has been created exactly to facilitate the relationship between content creators and the brands that want to start using influencer marketing to promote them.

First step towards your online career

Download the app, create an influencer account and you’ve already done the first step. You are now in the right place: an app where everybody comes with a certain purpose: to promote brands or to find someone to promote for them. If you were thinking about starting to send emails, looking for companies to send your offer for a colaboration and then waiting until you finally receive an answer think no more: FameUp does all of these for you on in a single app. Moreover you have the certainty that these brands actually want to work with you. Otherwise you risk wasting time and energy with searching for companies which don’t even have the intention to colaborate with influencers.

Instant connection

You can connect with a brand in a few seconds and then you have free access to their offers. The most important thing is to choose the ones you believe in the most, so your messages would be more authentic and credible for your audience. Don’t choose only for the material aspect, but build yourself a personal brand, based on values which represent you and from which you should not deviate. This way you will also make it easier for yourself to select projects you want to work for in your online career. It’s not even that you can select the offers, but you can also receive invitations from brands. This way you will make yourself more visible as a content creator after that it’s a matter of time until you can go to the next level.

Become a better version of you

Another advantage is that you have the opportunity to analyse the brands’ offers and see what conditions you should respect in order to have a collaboration with them. Practically, you get the answer to one question you always had: how can I start working with a certain brand?

After you learn about the expectations you can start improving your Instagram profile and content to match the main objective. The best way of self development is to set a specific goal which motivates you. Moreover the app save you the trouble of hunting brands, so you can focus on something you love: creating high quality content. The app’s selection and acceptance of profiles itself is a way of evaluating your level and compare it with others. For example you need a minimum of 500 followers and a good engagement rate. So always post content that make people interact with it! Instagram is basically a social network so be communicative and start a conversations as often as possible.

You monetize your work

Certainly, beyond the satisfaction of interacting with your audience public and the energy you receive from them when your work is appreciated,the financial benefits are also important. After all, that’s your main motivation to make a step further and transform this activity in a job. The new updates of the app give you the possibility to monetize your work and to set your own prices for creating a story or an Instagram post. That’s how you can manage your own budgets and advance as collaborations become more complex. It’s like moving from a level to another, having the great opportunity to feel how you grow.

Sounds pretty nice, doesn’t it?

You receive feedback

At the end of the colaboration you have the opportunity to receive direct feedback and to get a review. Deliver high quality content for the brands. They will be satisfied by working with you and you will receive a good rating. This will help you in your influencer business and will maximize the chances of receiving more offers. Obviously nobody would like to work with an influencer with a low score. So this is like your business card in the app, which speaks about your professionalism and the way you treat business partnerships.

What do you say? Do you feel like taking things to another level? If we were to give you some tips&tricks from famous influencers, what you really need in order to succeed is authenticity, patience, perseverance, seriousness and consistency.

Download the FameUp app and, with an influencer account, you can start having your own contracts with the local Brands and, finally, live your dream!

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